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Japanese Anime Elite

Welcome to the hang out spot for some of the well known chatters of Yahoo! Japanese Anime and User rooms of chat. We're wild, crazy, anime lovers, and well...etc. The only rules here is no arguments, this is strictly for fun.

So where in Yahoo! Chat do we hang?

Well duh, if anyone been to yahoo chat its in the Entertainment section at Japanese Anime. User rooms are also flooded with sub chat rooms off any given anime. Many of us are regulars and have grown attached to the other regulars as enemies, friends, or associates.

Can I join in?

Of course. ^^ May I suggest (if you have a PC and not a Mac) that the best intrument to use is cheetachat, a client that helps chatting easier (some) in yahoo. And of course you must have a yahoo id at Yahoo!

I never been to Yahoo JA...can I join anyway

Sure! We love meeting new people ^^ It's why it's open to everyone. All anime fans alike.


    1. No spamming
    2. No arguing
    3. No fights
    4. Have fun!